Not only hair care is a credit for everybody. We should not forget to think about our hands, which can always be seen. Today’s technologies are able to hide  some fault or on the contrary  to show advantages. Beautiful nails and hands stem from long-term care, which may sometimes be difficult. It is however a favourable investment. Then you need not  hide your hands any more.

We offer  proffesional care of feet and hands with the Carlsbad   cosmetic VŘÍDLO.

The basic care is the classic care of hands including peeling, mask and massage for perfect image. Beauty of natural nails is shown off by French manicure.

Services for you:

  • classic and French manicure
  • varnishing, aplication of printing, small stones to order
  • possibility of paraffin packs in the spa hotel Kriváň
  • counselling

Services of pedicure:

  • classic wet pedicure
  • treatment of bruise, corns and other troubles of feet
  • varnishign
  • counselling

Opening hours:

Mo – Fri   9.00 a.m. – 11.30 p.m., 12  – 5 p.m.

Sat – Sun          closed

The appointment could be made by phone No +420 352 511 162 or in the saloon below the terrace of the spa hotel Kriváň;



Hairdressing salon “Marylin”

A store not owned by Bohemia-lázně a.s.

 Would you like to change your hairstyle, are you awaiting  any outstanding social or family event, would you like to change your image? Your choice is right! Do not hesitate to visit our salon. We offer creativity and  hairstyle according to the  latest stylish trends.

Our offer:

  • haircut, modelling of hairstyle
  • hair dye according to the latest world trends – tints, streaked hair
  • consultations with recommendation of cosmetics suitalbe for given problem
  • foundation hairmodelling
  • simple social hairstyles, wedding hairstyles

The appointment could be made by phone No +420 352 511 152, +420 776221144 or in the saloon,  under the terrace of the Kriváň spa hotel,


 “Gourmet” store

The delicatessen store is located beneath the Kriváň spa hotel terrace. It offers wines, distillates, confectioneries, Bor farm dairy products – winner of the “Regional Food” award, waffles, non-alcoholic drinks, cigarettes.

Contact: tel.: +420/ 352 511 142

Opening Hours: Tue – Sat     9.00 AM – 11.30 AM, 12.00 – 5.00 PM

Tobacco store – currently closed for technical reasons

The tobacco store on the terrace of the Kriváň sanatorium on Sadová Street offers newspapers, magazines, souvenirs, sanitary supplies, tobacco products, mobile phone coupons, mass transportation tickets. Besides this assortment, you will also find a wide range of souvenirs, spa cups and basic drinks here.

Contact: tel.: +420/ 352 511 119

Opening Hours:

 “Aragonit” Shop

Aragonit shop offers  natural  cosmetic products, as well as complementary sale of chemist’s products and cosmetics.

  • gels, creams, emulsions, herbal waters, natural  cosmetics, supporting curative cosmetics – for arthritis, spine, for inflammation of veins and inflammation of skin
  • Carlsbad cosmetics, Carlsbad salt

Opening Hours:

Tue – Sat   9 a.m. – 11.30 a.m., 12.00  – 5 p.m.

Sun – Mon    closed


Clients of  the spa hotel Kriváň, as well as of the hotels Slovan and Concordia have  at their disposal a library with a wide choice of Czech, German and Russian books.



Jeweller „Bohemia“

A store not owned by Bohemia-lázně a.s. Run by Šperky &Trading s.r.o.

Silver and golden jewels with garnets, coral, turquoise, pearls and ther precious and semi-precious stones at advantageous  prices. A friendly and helpful personal

Zlatnictví Bohemia – Spa hotel Kriváň
Sadová 5
360 01 Karlovy  Vary
Tel.: +420 352 511 163


 Beautician “Veronika DEVEROVÁ” and “IvanaHOŠKOVÁ”

A store not owned by Bohemia-lázně a.s.

The appointment could be made by phone No +420 352 517 510.
Hotel Concordia
Zahradní 13
360 01 Karlovy Vary

Dental Surgery

A store not owned by Bohemia-lázně a.s.

Stomatological surgery is situated in the Concordia Hotel.

More information +420 353 226 171