Diagnostický přístroj IN BODY 770

If you want to know exactly what your body is composed of, don’t hesitate to take the unique opportunity to use the In Body device. This is one of the most reliable devices for diagnostics and analysis of the composition of the human body – a so-called analyser. The analysis itself is very fast and simple and usually takes around 2 minutes. The person being analysed needs to be barefoot (no shoes or socks). There is no need to take off clothing because your weight, which can be deducted, can be set on In Body. The only people who cannot undergo analysis using In Body are people with cardio-stimulators. Otherwise, this device will analyse and provide results to everyone between 6 and 99 years old.

Y ou can use this device to find out your current percentage of body fat and muscle. On the basis of your current condition the device will calculate your ideal body fat and muscle percentages and also your target weight. Your target weight is calculated on the basis of the muscle and body fat percentages of the person being analysed. If the weight of the person being analysed is over their ideal weight and their muscle percentage is over their ideal weight, then the target weight is higher than the ideal weight. The ideal weight focuses more on health than a person’s perfection or beauty.

A body analysis using the In Body device provides us with valuable information, on the basis of which we can recommend suitable activities specifically for individual people. Depending on the results of muscle and body fat distribution and weight, we can find out whether power training to create more muscle, exercises to form your figure, balancing imbalances or aerobic activities leading to fat reduction are most appropriate.