The facilities of Bohemia-Lázně a.s. ensure complex and contributory spa care and stays for non-insured self-payers both from the Czech Republic and abroad
I. Oncological diseases after termination of a complex treatment without any signs of relapse
III/1 Chronic and relapsing gastric and intestinal diseases with maldigestive symptoms persisting when using standard pharmacotherapy
Conditions after severe intestinal infections, parasitosises and mycotic infections
III/2 Conditions after gastric, duodenal, esophageal and intestinal surgery with endoscopically verified postresective symptoms
III/3 Crohn’s dinase, Ulcerous colitis
III/4 Chronic gall bladder and biliary tract diseases with lithiasis, if the surgery is contraindicated
Sclerotizating cholangoitis
Functional diseases of the biliary tract
III/5 Conditions after complicated gall bladder and biliary tract surgeries, after procedures performed due to stenosis and lithiasis of the biliary pathways (post-operative panceatitidocholangoitis, icterus, instrumentation of the biliary pathways, ERCP)
Conditions after calculi dissolution and extracorporeal lithotripsy
III/6 Conditions after acute hepatitis of any etiology and toxic hepatic damage (due to medication and work)
Chronic hepatitis with lasting markers positivity
Associated autoimmune hepatitis
Primary billiary cirrhosis
III/7 Conditions after resection procedures and hepatic transplantations or pancreatic operations or transplantations
III/8 Conditions after acute pancreatitis and after chronic pancreatitis exacerbation
Proven chronic hepatitis
IV/1 Diabetes mellitus
VI/3 Radicular syndromes with irritation-extinction syndrome
VI/7 Multiple sclerosis and other demyelinistation illnesses in remission
VII/1 Rheumatoid arthritis of level I to IV including juvenile arthritis, continually in outpatient department care
VII/2 Ankylosing spondylitis (Bekhterev’s disease), continually in outpatient department care
VII/3 Other seronegative spondarthritis continually in outpatient department care (psoriatic arthritis, Reiter’s syndrome, enteropathic arthritis, reactive-parainfectious)
VII/6 Pain syndromes of tendons, tendon sheaths, burses, muscle insertions, skeletal muscles or joints (including the illnesses caused by vibrations and long-term, excessive, one-side straining as professional diseases according to other regulation
VII/7 Coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis in continuous outpatient department care of an orthopaedist and a rehabilitation physician
VII/8 Arthroses in other locations
VII/9 Chronic vertebrogenous algic syndrome of function origin in continuous outpatient department rehabilitation care


Common contraindications of spa treatment
  • Contagious human to human infection diseases, carrier the typhus and paratyphus. If any kind has been indicated, the spa treatment is possible only when the treatment  with antituberculostics has been completed.
  • All acute stadium diseases
  • Clinical circulation disorders, malignant arithmia
  • States of deep thrombosis up to three months of its termination, states of surface tromboflebitis up to 6 weeks of its termination
  • Unstable diabetes mellitus and decompensated diabetes mellitus (with the exception of children and juvenile patients)
  • Repeated profuse bleeding of all kinds
  • Malignant tumours under treatment or with clinically ascertained signs of progress
  • Epilepsy with the exception of patients that did not suffer any fit in the last 3 years and whose EEG record does not beat any epileptia graphoelements
  • Active attacks or phases of psychosis and mental disorders with asocial behaviour or impaired communication, transitory states of confusedness
  • Alcoholism and drug addiction
  • Pacients depending on external help with self-assistance (with the exception of blindness). Acceptance of such patients (with their company) is exceptionally possible with a prior agreement with particular spa facilities.
  • Incontinence of the bladder and bowles, enuresis nocturna
  • Juvenite smokers and adult smokers of II, V and VI indication grops.
  • Pregnancy
  • Unhealing dermatological defects of any kind
  • Hypertension over 16 kPa of the diastolic pressure (120mm Hg)