Additional Treatment Procedures

Floating – main procedure

Floatation helps to increase mobility of the locomotive and lifting apparatus, reduces pain of the joints, increases their mobility and contributes to faster fracture healing and healing of other superficial injuries. Floatation reduces muscle pain caused by incorrect posture, controls blood pressure and contributes to sleep recovery. Direct contact with the skin has a positive effect on treatment or alleviation of skin disease like eczema and psoriasis. Dead Sea water cleans the skin, which becomes more elastic.

A simulation of weightlessness occurs in a special tank and it is known to have positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Blood circulation is increased, which positively affects nutrition of cells and removal of all waste substances from the body. The effect is augmented in combination with other types of massage.

Bathing in a special tank filled with water from the Dead Sea very effectively reduces tiredness and supports fast regeneration of energy after hard manual labour or mental stress. Floatation removes biochemical substances, which are produced in the body under stress conditions. Excellent results are achieved in reduction of anxiety, depression, phobic states and various addictions.

Technical parameters of the floating tank:

  • The floating tank is a plastic egg-shaped shell with the following diameters: length 2.4 m, width 1.4 m and height 1.3 m.
  • Thermal insulation is ensured by polyurethane foam which fills the shell.
  • The tank is filled with 550 l of water with a temperature of 37.5oC and 350 kg of salt from the Dead Sea.
  • The tank is equipped with hydromassage jets (according to the patient’s wishes) which massage the whole body comfort-ably with the salt solution.
  • Magnesium sulphate solution (MgSO4) is completely purified in the filtration unit equipped with a UV radiator with hot-water circulating tank.
  • Warm air is blown into the space above the water.
  • The tank is illuminated below the water and there are speakers to provide relaxation music in the inter-case space.

Oxygen-therapy – main procedure

Oxygen-therapy is suitable for all patients of all age groups. The patient inhales a 94% mixture of oxygen and drinks a cocktail containings vitamin C and minerals.This is what the therapy of Prof. Dr. Manfred von Ardenn is called. The aim of this procedure is to improve the oxygen potential. The therapy should mobilize active utilization of acquired energy reserves.

Oxygen-therapy is suitable in the following situations:

  • It improves memory and concentration
  • It improves sleep
  • It alleviates depression and improves the general mental condition
  • It speeds up regeneration after prolonged disease or surgery
  • It is suitable for respiratory diseases
  • It is essential and irreplaceable in cerebrovascular accidents and atherosclerosis or thrombotic clots.
  • It improves blood perfusion of the brain and heart

Inhalation – subsidiary procedure

This involves inhalation of microscopic particles from natural salt solutions in the form of  vapor that is produced by means of an ultrasound device. Inhalation can be performed through the mouth or nose. Alkaline waters – e.g. Vincentka from Luhačovice spa – are used most often. The main effect is mucolysis, inhibition of increased secretion and induction of an anti-inflammatory reaction. Different additives can be added to natural waters e.g. eucalyptus oil, which has an antiseptic effect.
This procedure is suitable for the treatment of infection and allergic diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tracts, states after physical and chemical impairment of the respiratory tract and states after surgery and traumatic lesions of the respiratory tract.


Pneumo-acupuncture – subsidiary procedure

This effective procedure used for treatment of the locomotive system is a modification of acupuncture. This method of application of carbon dioxide under the skin causes activation of acupuncture points. Application of carbon dioxide under the skin significantly reduces pain, improves perfusion of the treated area and accelerates the healing process.


Lymphatic drainage – subsidiary procedure

Physiotherapist Emil Voddeer and his wife developed lymphatic drainage in the thirties. This method is currently very popular and it is used in modern medicine in many areas. The main aim of this procedure is the support of lymph drainage from tissues. Waste material is increasingly drained from tissues through the lymphatic system with the help of special pressure techniques. This procedure is used for the treatment of lymphatic edemas and it is used for rehabilitation of post-traumatic conditions associated with edemas of affected limbs. It reduces tiredness. It is also used as a supportive procedure for body weight reduction.


Individual hiking – Nordic Walking – supplementary procedure – currently not available

The spa procedures are supported by an appropriate diet and controlled physical activity. The valley of the river Teplá provides over 100 km of tracks of various intensities. Due to  physician-prescribed walks your condition improves, the muscles are strengthened and general improvement of the mobility and blood circulation occurs. When walking on the plain, a stable pace is recommended; in more hilly landscape it is necessary to set the pace according to your current  state of  health and condition. Regular breathing is essential. For detailed analysis of the effects of individual hiking on the patient, it is necessary to record the pulse throughout the whole walk.

Salt cave – supplementary procedure

At the time of rapidly deteriorating environmental influences on human health in cities a regular stay in a salt cave has its positive significance for all age groups of the healthy individuals and the persons with chronic respiratory conditions. By its microclimate it replaces the sea climate. The therapeutic effect is achieved by inhalation of wet ionized air enriched by minerals and trace elements.

The salt cave is made from natural salt blocks imported from the Dead Sea. Bacteria-free, ionized air of this cave improves the overall condition of the body and acts favourably on the upper and lower respiratory tracts, asthma, skin diseases-eczemas, acne, psoriasis, blood circulation disorders, high blood pressure, neuroses, fatigue and depressive states, reduced function of the thyroid gland, allergies of all kinds, psychosomatic diseases and contributes to psychological well-being and improvement of mood


Vasotrain / Extremiter – supplementary procedure

This procedure is performed by means of a machine called Vasotrain. Vacuum-compression therapy serves the purpose of the improvement of perfusion disorders, stagnant metabolism and deteriorated limbs trophic due to vascular, post-traumatic, stress or system disorders (e.g. diabetes). Vacuum-compression therapy is based on the alternation of vacuum and pressure phases.


Turbosolarium “UVASCAN” – supplementary procedure

The turbosolarium utilizes the elements of phototherapy. UVA radiation accelerates the skin’s suntan effect. Apart from the cosmetic effect (a nice tan), reasonable sunbathing may support your health thanks to the creation of vitamin D. It heals disorders of the body’s metabolism, rachitis, cold; also in cases of skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis, etc., it has a highly beneficial effect. In combination with other dermatological preparations recommended by the spa doctor, a solarium serves as an additional therapy in a dermatological programme.