Tissue is stimulated by means of weak electric currents, which may increase blood circulation and reduce pain.

Diadynamics – supplementory procedure

This electrotherapeutical procedure uses the effects of low-frequency monophasic currents. This type of current is applied as prescribed by the physician through attached and subjacent electrodes. This method successfully achieves perfusion of treated parts of the body, mainly in painful major joints. Diadynamics have analgesic effects.


Diathermy – supplementary procedure

Contrary to diadynamics this treatment method uses low-voltage high-frequency currents. This treatment uses a mild differentiated warming of body tissues. This procedure is recommended for warming of deeper body structures without significant skin effects. It causes increased blood and lymph circulation and it improves metabolism, promotes smooth muscle contractions and reduces pain as well. Therefore it beneficially affects degenerative, chronic and inflammatory disease of the major joints.

diatermie 1

Endo-Vaco – supplementary procedure

This procedure called endo-vaco completes a group of electrotherapy procedures, which positively affect the treatment of locomotive diseases. This procedure also uses the elements of mechanotherapy and application of low- and mid-frequency currents.


Ultrasound – supplementary procedure

In the course of treatment of the locomotive system, especially osteoarthrosis, chronic joint inflammations and acute and also chronic muscle rheumatism, the positive effects of mechanical vibration which occurs with the application of ultrasound are very often used. This procedure results in micro-massage and resulting warming of tissues which improves local circulation, reduces pain and improves regeneration properties of tissues.


VAS-07- supplementary procedure

Very effective method of treatment of bone and joint disorders and post-traumatic conditions is a device providing VAS – 07. It involves the contactless use of deep application of currents by means of electromagnetic induction. This procedure can be applied through dressings (in varicose ulcers and fresh injuries), through plaster, clothing and even in the case of implanted metal materials – for example endoprosthesis.


Magnet therapy – supplementary procedure

This very special physical therapy use positive curative effects of magnetic field. Pulse magnetic field influences human body and its organs. This conduct to healing of health diseases in major cases. This procedure is without any futher physical contact and has very good healing and anti-inflammatory effects, is calming down and breaking the pain.