Gum irrigation – supplementary procedure – not available

Paradentosis starts as gingivitis which spreads along the tooth neck to the root and the tooth eventually falls out. In addition to genetic predispositions paradentosis is facilitated by poor dental hygiene when a coating which damages the enamel accumulates on the teeth which results in caries. Mineralization of the plaque results in a gradual formation of tartar which irritates the gingival margin and acts as a carrier of bacterial coating. Plaque must be regularly and carefully removed by the appropriate technique using quality toothbrushes and interdental aids.

As an adjunct to the mechanical cleaning the gum irrigation, washing and irrigation of the gums and the mucosa in the oral cavity with spring water of 38 °C should be used by means of a special apparatus (ceramic mouthpiece) under normal atmospheric pressure. This micromassage of the gums has a therapeutic effect mainly against paradentosis and other gum diseases. The flow of water stimulates and massages the gums and improves the overall perfusion of tissues with blood. All these procedures cause strengthening and consolidation of the gums and minimisation of bleeding from the gums.



Intestinal irrigation – main procedure – not available

The main indication in Carlsbad is treatment of the digestive system. The intestinal irrigation is a therapeutic method that utilizes the beneficial effects of Carlsbad mineral waters. Mineral water with temperature of 36 °C is used for the purifying colon washout. It is absolutely essential that an examination of the colon and rectum is performed prior to the procedure.