Preventive and curative stay for children 7 years of age and older

Experimental and clinical balneological treatment of adults serves as a basis for the treatment of children. Nevertheless, one aspect of this must not be forgotten, and namely the specific features of children´s  organism – anatomical, physiological and functional. In accordance, the main procedure – drinking cure is followed by other particular procedures responding to the age and overal complexity of the juvenite patient. Children, who suffer from chronical and especially digestive diseases will concretely profit from the preventive and convalescant effects of this The non-medical treatment the drinking cure, is more considerate to organism, has fewer contraindications and generally leads to normal digestion and metabolism. Its main goal is improvement of the child´s weakend organism.

Recommended duration of the stay: 14/21 days

If your stay does not correspond to the recommended programme length your procedures will be adapted to the selected length of your stay.

Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by their parents or other adults.

The programme includes the drinking cure and special procedures responding to the doctor´s suggestion and the patient´s state of health.

Programme of the treatment:

  • check-in pediatric examination (when the curative programme and drinking cure are prescribed.
  • check-up and check – out medical examination, including the final medical report
  • laboratory tests as necessary
  • The spa programme for children of the age of 7 – 11,99 includes 13 procedures (5 main and 8 supplementory) per 7 Nights.
  • The spa programme for children of the age of 12 – 14,99 includes 14 procedures (6 main and 8 supplementory) per 7 Nights.

The spa programme includes for example following  procedures:

  • pearl bath or carbon dioxide bath / dry carbon dioxide bath up to the waist
  • underwater massage or hydro-acupuncture bath / complete whirlpool bath
  • partial classical massage
  • inhalation, salt cave
  • diathermy or parafango or peat pack
  • Scottish jets or Kneipp path
  • swimming pool (swimming or water exercises – always in company of an adult)
  • group physical training or Scottish jets

Price list for 2024 year you will find here.