Family and corporate events

Bohemia-lázně a.s. offers its catering services during organisation of family and corporate events.

On the basis of a prior order:

  • we will assure the previously arranged refreshments and their delivery to the site o
  • the event, for the previously arranged price, using a refrigerated vehicle
    we will assure serving of meals and beverages using disposable or porcelain tableware (depending on the client’s requirements)
  • we will assure the required service (staff) for organisation of the arranged services

Before the order is placed the client usually meets personally with the provider of the services at the site of the event, usually with the individual responsible for lease or loan of the space present, so that it is possible to determine the precise requirements for individual services.

As well as catering events held outside the Bohemia-lázně a.s. building, we also offer the opportunity of holding small (i.e. 10 guests) and larger events (approx. up to 200 guests) within the Kriváň Hotel of Slovan Hotel facilities. However, these services are limited with regard to seasonal hotel capacity and the client’s schedule.