Light Therapy


Bio-lamp – supplementary procedure – currently not available

Is used for treatment of skin diseases and injuries as well. Polarized light reduces sensitivity of nerves and beneficially affects transmission of impulses in neuromuscular synapses. Application of polarized light causes relaxation of strained muscles and pain relief. Polarization of light enables deep penetration to tissues where it affects the molecular structure of cell membranes, stimulates metabolism and encourages healing processes and conversely it inhibits inflammatory and painful conditions. It penetrates to a depth of 1 – 2.5 cm.


Laser therapy – supplementary procedure

Lasers have a unique position in medicine. The laser is a device that may produce a special light wavelength with required intensity. A low-energy laser, also called a “soft-laser”, is used for painless therapy of irritation and replaces the acupuncture needle.


Application of laser therapy causes the following effects in exposed tissues:

  • Thermal effect – post-traumatic, degenerative joint impairments and spine diseases
  • Analgesic effect – in musculosceletal rheumatic and neurology conditions
  • Bio-stimulating effect – it significantly reduces time needed for wound healing
  • Anti-inflammatory effect, anti-edematous
  • It improves the function of impaired peripheral nerves

Solux – supplementary procedure – currently not available

This procedure is based on local utilization of hot light applied by infra-red radiator. In practice preheating is utilized, mainly with frontal and maxillary sinusitis.

solux 1