Museums in Carlsbad


The museum of Jan Becher

Many a connoisseur has tasted Carlsbad English Bitters, the production of which started in 1807. The original stomach drops are sold in characteristic green flat bottles, but for many years that was not the case. Watching a short informative movie, you will get acquainted with the history of production of the bitters and then walk through original cellars, where the liquor was ageing. You will also see historical items connected with the drink: labels, bottles, similarities, etc. A part of the museum is the shop with a bar, where you will be offered a small amount of the bitters, cooled down the best way, like “at home”, as people would say.

The Moser Glass Works Museum

Accept our invitation to visit the unique, world-famous Glass Works of Moser, the pride of which has been the production of glass gems for more than 150 years also called „The glass of kings“. The works was founded by Ludwig Moser and its specialization has been glass of the blown, cut, polished and painted type. During the visit you will have a good chance to look under the cover of the proces of making one of the „Czech jewels“.

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