Therapeutic Training

Individual training (individual physical training)- Main procedure

The aim of this training is normalization or significant improvement of mobility of affected parts of the body. The physiotherapist performs the procedure according to a given prescription of the physician and at the same time monitors reactions of patients and adjusts selection of the suitable techniques. It is important that the patient regularly repeats the exercises even after returning home from the spa stay.


Group training (physical training in groups) – supplementary procedure

Group training involves general condition training and special training aimed at special impairments. Training with big balls or with overballs has recently become popular and it combines not only entertainment but also assumption of training procedures, which actively support  increase of the patient’s mobility.


Group training in a swimming pool – supplementary procedure

It is a very popular procedure, which combines beneficial effects of hydrotherapy and thermotherapy together with active participation of the patient. This training uses hydrostatic pressure, temperature, resistance and lifting force of thermal water to unload joints and so it enables movement for immobile patients. A physiotherapist shows prescribed combinations and carefully monitors reactions of patients to thermal stress. This procedure is successfully used for degenerative diseases or post-traumatic conditions of the locomotive system.


Yoga and relaxation exercises – supplementary procedure

Yoga is one of the methods that help you find harmony with your body, mind, soul and the surrounding world. By no means do we only talk about physical exercises. During this procedure you will familiarize yourself with basic yoga elements that cause muscle and mental stress relaxation and bring a generally balanced status.

Fitness – supplementary procedures

Exercise in the gym is known to have beneficial effects not only on the muscles, but also on the nervous and circulation systems, and strengthens the heart muscle. Regular exercise reduces the risk of myocardial infarction, eliminates stress and puts people in a good mood (thanks to the release of endorphins or “happiness” hormones). It speeds up the metabolism (which means that people have a faster metabolism and are therefore less prone to body fat accumulation), even when you are not exercising. The fitness centre is divided into a cardio zone (exercise bike, treadmill) and a body building area (body building tower, weights). The gym offers newly built facilities and locker rooms. The aim of our fitness is to offer maintenance of the body shape for active athletes and new possibilities of active relaxation to interested persons.