Surroundings of Carlsbad


Mariánské Lázně

A trip to Mariánské Lázně is a real treat for lovers of the poetic spa atmosphere. Spa pavilions are mainly built in the Greek Revival or Reneissance Revival styles, most buildings in the spa quarter bear the stamp of Art Nouveau.
Probably every visitor to this town that was founded only at the beginning of 19th century on an impulse of the abbot of the Premostratensian monastery in Teplá is enchanted by its architectonic charm and vast parks. Mariánské Lázně is known for an abundance of mineral springs. Directly on the grounds, there are 40 of them and about 100 well out in the neighbourhood.

Other trips available – Mariánské lázně in the daytime, Mariánské Lázně with a visit to the Chodovar brewery, Mariánské Lázně with a visit to the Bečov mansion or with a visit to the Premostratensian monastery in Teplá or a visit to the Kynžvart chateau.

Františkovy Lázně, Cheb

Please accept our invitation to visit the smallest spa town of the so-called “spa triangle”. Although Františkovy Lázně was founded by Emperor Francis I in 1793, Františkovy Lázně offer the beauty of Empire and Classicist hotels and pavilions surrounded by a spa park. We will not even forget to see the most famous man – little Francis, of whom the nice legend says that a woman gets pregnant if she touches the left thumb of the statue of little Francis! Together we will visit one of the oldest towns in the Czech Republic. The history of Cheb dates back to 9th century.

Strategically important position of the town in the Western borderland of Bohemia decided of its importance, which grew up to 17th century, i.e. the period of the Thirty Years’ War. One of the most important events in the town’s history relates to that war. In 1634 Albrecht von Wallenstein, the generalissimo of Habsburg armies, was assassinated there. The town is proud of a complex of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque houses in the square which is ended by a complex of mercantile houses, called “Špalíček”, the berman framework house.

Possible combinations of trips:Cheb/Františkovy Lázně + přírodní rezervace SOOS, Cheb/Františkovy Lázně + Seeberg castle, Cheb/Františkovy Lázně + Vildštejn castl

The Spa Triangle (Carlsbad – Marienbad – Francisbad)

You are very welcome to join us visiting Mariánské Lázně a town of many mineral springs, Art Nouvean architecture, green parks nad the singing fountain. Our tracks will also lead to Francisbad, the smallest spa-town of the „Triagle“, founded by the Emperor Francis I, and the excursion will wind up having a diner in the mediaeval inn of the Vildstejn castle or in the stylish brewery pub „In the Rock“, run by the Chodovar Brewery.

Possible combinations of trips:Cover Castle and Manor Houses in the vicinity of Carlsbad, fot example Loket, Kynžvart and Bečov

Ostrov Town and Klasterec Castle

We invite you to visit the former main area town Ostrov – proud of its history, which is longer than that of Karlovy Vary. We will show you the local ancient square, the former castle and also its large garden, which was formerly called the eighth wonder of the world. Afterwards our tour continues to Klasterec, where you will admire the amazing exposition of Czech and Orient porcelain and You will also see famous tomb Thun-Hohenstein.