Classical massage – main procedure

Classical massage is one of the most popular spa procedures. Massage is available for everybody even outside the spa. However, in association with other spa procedures, it represents a balanced complex, which affects normalization of muscular tension. Stimulation of receptors leads to improvement of perfusion, metabolism and tissue tropism of the massaged area. A complete or partial massage is performed according to the instructions. Non-irritating emulsions or gels are used for the massage.



Reflective massage – main procedure

Reflective massage is a highly specialized method that provides the patient with immediate relaxation. A specially trained therapist uses manual activity on the body’s surface in the area of secondary changes, which are reflectively caused by a pathological process. The therapist uses special techniques and touches for stimulation of acupressure points which positively affect functional, degenerative and chronic rheumatic diseases of the locomotive system, but the treatment also affects functional and chronic diseases of the internal organs.


Underwater massage – main procedure

Underwater massage is generally recommended for treatment of locomotive system disorders and as a supportive treatment of psychosomatic disorders. The patient is immersed in a special bath filled with thermal water with a specified temperature – usually 37 °C – and he or she receives underwater massage using water streams, which increase skin perfusion. This procedure has a beneficial effect on the general relaxation of muscle and limb ligaments. The relaxation effect is also important.